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List of Devices with 2 Bit Displays

Gameboy (original)
One of the most iconic gaming handhelds ever made. Nearly 118 million Gameboys were sold worldwide.
The first handheld that could connect to the internet, and was the first to have two game cartridge slots. It failed to gain much attention.
Dauphin DTR-1
A very early Windows Tablet PC from 1993. The OG Surface Pro.
Kindle Paperwhite
An e-reader with an "E Ink" screen that makes everything displayed on it look like paper.
iLiad e-Reader
Similar to the Kindle. Its manufacturer iRex, filed for bankruptcy and production of the iLiad ceased.
NeXT Computer (early versions)
You could cay this was the original Game Cube.
Watara Supervision
A cheaper alternative to the Gameboy. It can connect to TVs and display games.
Wonderswan (original)
The Gameboy's competitor in Japan. It can be played both horizontally and vertically.

A 2-bit Arithmetic Logic Unit

Memetics for Boolean Algebra

A+1 = 1 because A and 1 aren't romantically compatible. 1 is the lonliest number after all.

A*1 = A because it completes the steAk.

A+A = A because the A's got married and had A baby.

A*A = A because two alien A germs fuse together to make one A germ.

A*/A*B = 0 because the /A's and the A's had a nuclear war B-lowing up everything to ground ZERO.

AB+AC = A+BC BecAuse AC electricity isn't found in America BeforeChrist.

A+/A = 1 because the A's fought to the death leaving 1 sword.

A*/A = 0 because A's in the far future fought with black hole s*ngularity weapons causing n0thing to be left.

A+0 = A because O type blood can't combine with A type blood so you just have A type blood.

A*0 = 0 because c0mmon sense.

A+/A*B = /A + B because B was more atracted to +he A with the fancy hat.

XNOR is the equivalency gate. It looks like a Santa hat, because Xmas North Pole.

These probably sound silly, but they help.